Did You Know?

Welcome to William D. Summers M.D., Gynecology LLC

William D. Summers, M.D. is a board certified and highly trained physician, specializing in Gynecology.  Dr. Summers has been practicing medicine in Birmingham, AL for 25+ years and is experienced in a wide range of gynecological services and procedures.  He provides gynecological services that range from routine gynecological exams, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, pelvic pain, hormone replacement therapy, irregular menstrual cycles, birth control, various in-office procedures, and several additional gynecological services.  

Purba Mukherjee, CRNP has with Dr Summers office for over two years and specializes in Womens Health and Weight Loss. She graduated with honors in 2019. She sees gynecology patients on Wednesday afternoons and weight loss patients each weekday. Please check our weight loss website for clinic hours and information.

If you have come across this website because you are looking for a gynecologist, I would highly recommend that you look at the very kind things people have said about Dr. Summers on websites such as heathgrades.com and vitals.com.  If you are looking for a doctor who is smart enough to quickly diagnose a medical problem that someone else has possibly looked over for years, cares enough to know your phone number by heart, compassionate enough that you can talk to him about ANY medical problem without feeling embarrassed or judged, and experienced enough to make the right decisions regarding your medical care that will give you an instant feeling that you are in good hands...then you have found the right doctor.      

In addition to gynecology, Dr. Summers has a weight loss clinic that is open to both women and men.  The weight loss clinic offers one-on-one nutritional counseling, appetite suppressant medications (if prescribed by Dr. Summers because he feels it is a necessary and safe part of your weight loss program), B6-B12-Lipotropic injections, and the support you need to follow your individual weight loss program determined by your personal goals and state of health.  He also offers the cutting edge HCG diet program.   Dr. Summers is currently accepting new patients to both sides of his practice by appointment only.