Billing And Insurance

If you do not have health insurance or are not covered by a carrier that we accept at this time, the fee for a routine gynecology exam is $125, which includes the basic gynecological exam and the collection of sample for a pap smear test.  We work with Cunningham Pathology to process our pap tests and you will also receive a bill from Cunningham Pathology at a later time for around for $150. We will be happy to provide you with documentation to facilitate reimbursement from your insurance company, although, you will be responsible for the fees incurred at the time of your visit if not covered by an insurance company that we are not currently in network. We will be happy to discuss our rates with you or arrange a payment plan in some cases.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards, and cash payments for services rendered.

Our staff will also be happy to assist you in paying an outstanding bill via credit card over the phone by calling our office at phone number 205-847-2018.

If your bill did not come from our office, please contact the number on your bill as you can receive statements from outside sources such as the lab, radiology ect.

If you do not see your insurance listed to the right, please feel free to call our office and ask if we accept it.  Office Phone:  205-847-2018.

We apologize, but our office does not accept TriCare Prime, Medicaid nor Aetna at this time.